Bagan Myanmar - A Great Place to Visit

Bagan is an ancient location in Myanmar which is also known as Pagan. Bagan has more than 2000 pagodas as well as temples which are open to anyone who visits the place. The amazing sites are dated 1500 years ago and have rich, fascinating history and beautiful architecture. These attractions make an excellent opportunity for sightseeing. The sites at Bagan are ideal for viewing at any period of the year. The lower parts of Myanmar experience a rainy season hence making the country wetter. The upper part where Bagan is located does not have a rainy season. Click here to check out Yangon tours .

Myanmar offers a wide range of hotels where you can stay. These hotels have a great extent regarding prices and services offered to range from economical to four-star hotels. There is a wide range of culinary options which include western food, traditional Myanmar dishes, as well as different types of Asian cuisines. Besides, the country offers different types of transportation that make the sightseeing exciting. For instance, you may opt to use a car, horse cart or a bicycle. Some people even choose to do it by foot. One of the most popular attractions for many visitors is the sunset boat trip which is done on the Ayeyarwaddy River. You can also enjoy good entertainment, a cold drink or great food as you enjoy the stunning color changing sunset.

The top of Mount Popa is an amazing sight to visit during the day where you can view the monastery built there. You need to climb 777 steps to enter the monastery. This is among the many sacred sites that are found in Bagan, Myanmar. The ruins of Bagan which were constructed as early as the 11th and 13th century extend over 16 miles of the land. When you are not touring these sites, you will enjoy the amazing architecture in any part of the country you visit. There are plenty of murals, stone carvings, precious frescoes as well as inscriptions which are found everywhere in the city.

Myanmar offers ancient religious sites and modern comfort as well as an amazing selection of accommodations. The eclectic combination of humble ruins and towering architecture provide a unique experience for touring and vacation. When visiting Myanmar, be sure to try out their amazing dishes as well as a ride on a horse cart. The wonderful experiences in the wonderful region of northern Myanmar will be unforgettable. Check out Myanmar tour packages at this link for more info.